"Results speak louder than words: PB by 20 min to go sub 5 hrs at Ironman 70.3® Worlds within 3 months of training." ~ Shawn Letts

"Your coaching has given me a more rounded approach to my training, changed my perspective completely and enabled me to see how much more I can do – just changed my head-space with regard to training completely." ~ Bobby Hamman

"Years of experience and giving me self-belief that I can achieve my goals is the value I get from Andre." ~ Darryl Frittelli

"Andre Bekker is a coach whose attention to detail and structured program based on measurable goals make training for optimal performance understandable. His ability to relate on a personal level and make complex issues simple is very helpful to the beginning and to the advanced athlete." ~ Andrew Kittsley

"Andre has taught me more about this sport - triathlon, which I love so much in these last few months than any other coach has in years. He believes in building confidence and challenging limits. He has an excellent work ethic and leads by example - not only as a coach but as an athlete. Andre is also a believer in continual education by staying up to date with coaching or training techniques, which makes me feel very confident as his athlete as I know I am in good hands - he is a thorough coach and certainly applies what he has learnt. I trust Andre as my coach and I can easily communicate with him and discuss my goals and training which is imperative
to me." ~ Lynette van der Merwe, Professional Triathlete

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