Andre's Coaching Philosophy

I believe in mastering efficiency. Everything I do and coach centres around getting the most out the input. Athlete success is centred around clear measurable goals, efficiency with minimum wasted effort and effective two way communication.

Being efficient, encompasses not only the sport coached but also time management as well as nutrition. Efficiency is directly proportional to your goals and your determination to achieve them. People that want to achieve goals will search for efficiency.

Once people are efficient, improvement and results will come, that's is again directly proportional to the input, no energy wasted. When this context is set, the athlete will gain confidence not only in his own ability but also in the coach's ability to teach.

The coach's ability to teach and my philosophy is based on:

  • well-structured goals, that are clearly defined in time and events
  • long term goals
  • honesty from the athlete
  • clear communication
  • regular communication
  • feedback
  • using well tested and time proven technology
  • work ethic
  • consistency
  • managing athletes available time through structured training plans

I believe in specialization: swim like a swimmer, ride like a pro and run like a runner.

I focus on the cycling and running components of Triathlon as well as putting well structured, periodized training plans in place, with the key emphasis on efficiency through time management.

My personal life philosophy also centres on education, I believe in continued education, staying top of the latest research and thought process that drive performances. Change is inevitable - I embrace it.

Athletes I coach are committed to improving, thus they are committed to long term goals and cherish long term relationships.

Equipment required:

  • H/R Monitor
  • Indoor bike with HR/Power/Cadence
  • Power Meter on Bike

In conclusion, my philosophy is centred on coaching efficiency and building confidence through specialization.



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